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We are a New Zealand family committed to supporting the people and the land of Israel in practical ways. We believe that we are called to support Israel as is highlighted in the Bible, such as in Genesis 12:3. We are also committed to giving others the opportunity to be part of this. 

How are we doing this?


  • Providing, in our Blog, informed comment on current events around the world and their impact on Israel.

  • Helping develop a greater understanding of Jewish culture, traditions, wisdom and outlook on life.

  • Helping with a deeper understanding of the Bible revealed in the original Hebrew language of Scripture.

  • Supporting the people of Israel by making available here in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific, quality, genuine Israeli made products. We see this as especially important in these days when a number of countries are boycotting Israeli products.


We invite you to be part of this and help communicate your support with us and other readers. We also invite you to tell us about any particular items you are interested in that could be added to our range, whether it’s a uniquely Jewish or a generic type of product (P.S we are hoping to bring in coffee!)


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