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The New Jerusalem Anointing Oil Frankincense Essential Oil

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel and Frankincense


The   Hebrew “levona”,   comes   from   a   root   word “lavan”meaning  white,  evidently  from  its  milky  color.  The  Greek “libanos”  is  derived  from  the  Hebrew.  White  carries with  it  the connotation  of  purity.  Frankincense  resin  is  acquired  in  the same  way  as  myrrh.  In  the  tabernacle  of  Moses,  we  find frankincense  in  the  grain  offering,  in  the  incense  that  was burned on the golden altar and sprinkled on the showbread. A powerful  interpretation  of  the  meaning  of  incense  is  set  forth in   the   book   of   Revelation,   where   it   is   connected   with intercessory  prayer. “...Each  one  had  a  harp  and  they  were holding  golden  bowls  full  of  incense,  which  are  the  prayers  ofthe saints.”Since Moses and the prophets point to Messiah, we see the aspects of His purity and intercession that comes into focus with this fragrance also.

Frankincense was acquired exactly in the same way as myrrh. Itis  a  gum  resin  that’s  known  as  tears,  the  same  as  myrrh.  The bride’s involvement in intercession causes her to participate in a  divine  activity.  Moreover  frankincense’s  association  with divinity   throughout   the   ancient   world   was   a   reason   that frankincense was one of the three gifts given to Yeshua at hisbirth together with myrrh and gold.

This oil was associated with divine matters in ancient cultures.

Scriptures related with this oil can be found on:
Ex. 30:7,34,35
Lev. 24:7
Song 3:6
Song 4:6-7
Isaiah 60:6
Revelation 5:8 


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