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The New Jerusalem Anointing Oil Henna Essential Oil 


Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel and Henna 


Henna, is known by a number of names. It was used throughout the ancient world by different cultures where also serious skin conditions including leprosy and boils were treated with henna. It was also a treasured scent of the Jewish peoples. Camphire is a (KJV) bible name given to the whole henna plant which includes the richly scented perfume created from the white flowers.

In Middle-eastern traditions, henna still today has a part in their wedding ceremonies. The guests are “marked” along with the bride and groom by staining their hands with henna. For thousands of years people extracted a red dye from henna leaves. It is thus not difficult to see the representation of the blood of our Savior. The dye spiritually corresponds to the marks which those bear, who received forgiveness of sins and who are considered His treasured possession. Henna’s fragrance increases our awareness of His sweet atoning-covering which blots out the stench of our false nature. Therefore we call this the oil of Atonement.


Scriptures related with oil can be found on:
Song 1:14
Song 4:13-14


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