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The New Jerusalem Anointing Oil Pomegranate Essential Oil

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel and Pomegranate

In  Song  of  Songs,  the  bride’s  cheeks  are  likened  to  the halves   of   a   pomegranate   and   blossoming   pomegranates indicated  the  awakening  of  love.  It’s  protective rind,  red  flesh, sweet  juice,  multitude  of  seeds,  and  restorative  properties inspired   many   a   poet   and   lover   through   the   ages.   The Bridegroom    in    the    fourth    chapter    ofSong    of    Songs exclaimed, full of praise and adoration, “A garden locked is my sister,  my  spouse,  a  spring  shut  in,  a  fountain  sealed.  Your plants are an orchard with pomegranates ...”

The  pomegranate  has  also  been  revered  for  centuries  as  a religious  symbol  of  resurrection  and  new  life.  With  more  than 600  seeds  packed  within  it's  crimson  walls,  the  pomegranate has been an artistic symbol of fertility and abundance. But it’s the   juice   of   this   fruit,   with   its   sweet-sour   qualities   and nutritional  benefits  that  captured  the  imagination  of  cooks and researchers alike.

Pomegranates  occur  in  the  Bible  in  a  number  of  contexts. They were linked to the Temple of old where they gloriouslyadorned  the  pillars  at  its  entrance  and  were  also,  by  divine instruction,  attached  to  the  skirt  of  the  High  priest.  These colourful  and  decorative  pomegranates  were  alternated  with small  golden  bells  which  symbolically  portrayed  the  Fruit  and the  Gifts  of  the  Holy  Spirit.  Imagine  this,  they  were  even brought  back  by  the  spies  who  spied  out  the  Promised  Land to be placed on show before the entire congregation.

As   stated   the   pomegranate   was   highly   recommended   in ancient times for it's medicinal properties and was admired for it's prolific seeds representing fertility and regeneration. The pomegranate   is   considered   a “super   fruit”   because   it   is tremendously     rich     in     antioxidants.     Antioxidants     are substances  that  may  protect  your  cells  against  the  effects  of free radicals. Free radicals can damage cells, and play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Just as antioxidants protect  our  bodies  from  free  radicals,  love  in  the  body  of Messiah,    protects    us    from    the    free    radicals    that    our archenemy  Satan  produces,  which  can  damage  and  destroy us   from   within.May   the   fruit   of   love,   symbolized   by   the pomegranate, be found in abundance in our lives.  

This is the oil of love

Scriptures related with this oil can be found on:
Exodus 28:33  
Num 13:23-26
Song of Songs 4:3
Song of Songs 6:7
Song of Songs 6:11; 7:12
Song of Songs 4:12,13  
1 King. 7:18


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